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*Summer Screening at the Zonita*

We are delighted to inform you of a one-off Zonita Summer Screening of a
much-lauded film that won 7 Oscars and 7 BAFTAs this year!

*Oppenheimer* (15) will be screening at Parkside Hall at *7pm* on Saturday 15th

The film centres on the life of the brilliant physicist J. Robert
Oppenheimer, who spearheads the Manhattan Project, a top-secret US-led
operation in which scientific brilliance ultimately unleashes the dreadful
power of the atomic bomb.

The film grapples with complex scientific and intellectual rivalries and
the moral, political and geo-political consequences.  There are some truly
dramatic and affecting scenes, incredible cinematography and stellar
performances.  It's not a film you will forget easily.

Please note that it's a /long/ film (180 minutes).  The screening starts *7pm*,
with doors opening at *6.30pm*.  As ever, our bar and kiosk will be open
before and during the interval.

Tickets are *£5*.  You can [[zonita:tickets][reserve tickets]] and book seats in advance, and
watch the trailer [[zonita:whats-on][here]].

Zonita will be back for our new season in September.

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* Reminder

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