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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.

#Zonita Website

This repository contains the sources for the Ampthill Zonita Community Cinema website. It uses Nikola to build the actual files that get deployed.

For Linux users, there's a Makefile with some build and install targets. Just type make to get a list of them.

To build the website, you need to install the required Python packages (in a virtual environment if you prefer):

python -m pip install -r conf/requirements.txt

To deploy the site, you'll need an FTP client. The Makefile uses lftp. If you want a graphical method, there's always Filezilla. You'll also need the login information on freehosting.com:

host: panel.freehosting.com
user: zonitaor

You'll also need the password, which (for obvious reasons) isn't in this repo. If you're using lftp from the Makefile using the upload target, add an entry to your .netrc file (see netrc(5) for details). If using Filezilla, just enter it as required. You'll need to upload files from the output folder into the remote public_html folder.