Use full name in header
Allow edebugging in :when-loaded body
Merge :if-require into :require
Add :if-require macro
Improve :load-form shorthand

The previous version would have issues with load-paths that end with a
path separator.
Add :if-host keyword
Allow xref to find setup-defines outside of setup.el
Elaborate on comments
Prevent overriding all elisp xref requests
Add support for xref jump-to-definition for local macros
Mention defsetup macro in tips section
Give an example of setup-based macros
Remove :name mention in setup-define
Mention that setup operating using local macros
Mention GPL3 instead of CC0 as license in README
Check if PATH exists for :load-from
Bump version to 0.2.0
Make sure that :with-feature is a defined in setup
Use macroexp-progn where applicable
Expand load path for :load-from