A 0x0.st client for Emacs
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#0x0 for Emacs

0x0 for Emacs defines a few commands:

  • 0x0-upload will upload the active region or if not existent the entire buffer
  • 0x0-upload-file will upload a selected file
  • 0x0-upload-string will upload a string
  • 0x0-upload-kill-ring uploads the content of the kill ring.
  • 0x0-popup creates and displays a buffer and lets you uploads it contents later.

By default, all these functions default to https://0x0.st as their server of choice, but by customising the variable 0x0-default-host, this can be changed, or by prefixing the above mentioned commands with a prefix argument. A list of servers is to be found in 0x0-services.

Curl will be used to accelerate defaults, if installed. The specific behaviour can be configured using 0x0-use-curl.

See https://github.com/lachs0r/0x0 for more details, and consider donating to https://liberapay.com/lachs0r/donate if you like the service.

Bug reports and patches should be sent to my public inbox.

0x0.el is distributed under the CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0) Public Domain Dedication license.