Collection of skeletons for mkskel
fixed makefile issue
added mm-letter
added robots-block-all skeleton


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This repository collects various skeletons for mkskel. Each skeleton is stored in it a sub-directory.

Bug reports and patches should be sent to my public inbox.

Skeleton Layout

Each skeleton should have the same structure and names as mkskel should reproduce in the target directory. The only noteworthy exception are files starting with (by default) __OUT__, where the __OUT__ prefix will be replaced with the name of the current project.

File Format

Each file will be copied to the destination directory as it was found in the skeleton, with the exception variables starting with $ will be replaced with the value of their corresponding environmental variable.

For example:

This file was written by $USER!

would become

This file was wiritten by phi!

in the destination directory (if your username were to be phi).

Consult mkskel man page for a list of special environmental variables.


mkskel-data is distributed under the CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0) Public Domain Dedication license.