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stargazer 1.1.0

This release updates several of Stargazer's dependencies, including
some with known vulnerabilities. The MSRV is now 1.61. This release does
not contain any new features or breaking changes except in increased MSRV.

My local dev environment has changed a lot since the last release I cut.
Currently my cross compile and bundle script is not working on my system
so this release won't have ARM or FreeBSD binaries attached to it upon
release. Once I get everything working again I'll add the missing binaries.

Vulnerable dependencies update since last release:

Crate:     webpki
Version:   0.22.0
Title:     webpki: CPU denial of service in certificate path building
Date:      2023-08-22
ID:        RUSTSEC-2023-0052
URL:       https://rustsec.org/advisories/RUSTSEC-2023-0052
Severity:  7.5 (high)
Solution:  Upgrade to >=0.22.2
Dependency tree:
webpki 0.22.0
├── rustls 0.20.6
│   └── futures-rustls 0.22.2
│       └── stargazer 1.0.5
└── futures-rustls 0.22.2

1.0.5 1 year, 6 months ago .tar.gz browse log

stargazer 1.0.5

- Don't panic if cgi script doesn't return a valid header
- Log cgi error output

Sashanoraa (3):
      cgi: fix cgi panic and add error log
      Fix formatting
      Update deps

1.0.4 1 year, 6 months ago .tar.gz browse log

stargazer 1.0.4

Stargazer will now only return a warning if the root directory for a
route doesn't exist instead of exiting.

Sashanoraa (3):
      Update deps
      Use correct strip binary
      Allow route where the index doesn't exist

1.0.3 1 year, 8 months ago .tar.gz browse log

stargazer 1.0.3

Main important change was switching from net2 to socket2 because net2 is
no longer maintained. This is a small change as the only thing net2 was
used for was opening an IPv6 only socket when needed.

The other changes are around my release process and shouldn't effect
end users.

Sashanoraa (10):
      Add vendor script
      Make clean script delete vendor
      Update name in stargazer-ini man page
      Re-render man pages
      Add Linux aarch64 to bundle script
      Overhaul bundle script
      Don't build twice in the bundle script
      Build docker images for arm
      Update FreeBSD CI deps
      Switch from net2 to socket2

1.0.2 1 year, 11 months ago .tar.gz browse log

stargazer 1.0.2

This is a little patch release. The main thing here is a bug fix with
logging redirects. They should conform to the documented format now.

Sashanoraa (3):
      Update packages and gemini site
      Fix bug in redirect logging
      Remove CHANGELOG in favor of git

1.0.1 1 year, 11 months ago .tar.gz browse log

stargazer 1.0.1

A patch already lol. I forgot to add back the shell completions.

Sashanoraa (2):
      Remove build.rs from Dockerfile
      Add back manually written shell completions

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stargazer 1.0.0

Stargazer is finally at 1.0!!!

This means that I have run out of ideas for features to add and I am
reasonably happy with the state of the project. I hope Stargazer will
continue to serve me and everyone else who uses it.

No to package it...

Sashanoraa (47):
      Update CHANGELOG
      Update rustls to 0.20
      Add MSRV policy to README
      Update Arch package
      Strip binary in Dockerfile
      Add categories and homepage to readme
      Update rcgen and x509-parser
      Update os_str_bytes to 6.0
      Switch to using humantime for cgi time formatting to remove chrono
      Return proper error when unconfigured domain is requested
      Remove unused import
      Improve unknown config params errors
      auto-index on my default
      Create a better default config file
      Install default config at /etc/stargazer.ini
      Update stargazer-ini(5) to reference new default config file
      Use fall back start tume for certs
      Add cert-lifetime param
      Updated CHANGELOG
      Add option client IP logging
      Update description and Gemini page link
      Update cargo description
      Fix typo in stargazer.ini
      Fix clippy lints
      Updated gemini page
      Add alpine package
      Add packaging status badge
      Update rustls-pemfile to 0.3 and update patches
      Update arch package
      Add openrc init script
      Added client-cert config to routes
      tls: Don't load the same cert multiple times
      Added rewrite capability for redirects
      Remove dependency on structopt
      Updated CHANGELOG
      Overhaul logging to support standardized connection logging
      Add docs about boolean values
      Update CHANGELOG
      Fix weird lifetime issue on rust < 1.58
      Update README
      Add FreeBSD CI
      Improve diff function in test script
      Fix test script to always use IPv4 for tests
      Turn off connection logging during testing
      Update README
      Fix type on README
      Update dist scripts to not be Linux specific

0.6.1 2 years ago .tar.gz browse log

stargazer 0.6.1

Updated dependencies and fixed issues with test scripts

Ben Aaron Goldberg (2):
      docker: Update docker image to build official rust image and run on scratch
      Don't fail tests if kill fails

Sashanoraa (5):
      Update dependencies
      Fix import in test script
      Remove crate version from CGI tests
      Add keywords and fix repo url in Cargo.toml
      Update name and email in Cargo.toml

0.6.0 2 years ago .tar.gz browse log

stargazer 0.6.0

Small release to fix. stargazer should redirect when serving from a
directory so that they always have a trailing slash. With the exception
of root.

I'm making this a major version increase because this could be a
breaking change.

Ben Aaron Goldberg (3):
      Fixed #24 directory slash redirect
      Updated version in test
      Fix _incr_version script to add updated docs

0.5.0 2 years ago .tar.gz browse log

stargazer 0.5.0


- Log date+time of connections
- Routes can now specify a `lang` for gem text files and a `charset`
- You can now disable cert generation and regeneration
- Set route specific certs
- Officially supported docker image


- Increase MSVR to 1.46
- Change default MIME type to application/octet-stream
- The `SCRIPT_NAME` and `PATH_INFO` GCI vars now always have a leading slash
- SCGI servers using Unix Domain Sockets don't have to be running when stargazer
- Directory listings are now sorted
- Log messages now have timestamps
- Update dependencies


- Compiles on FreeBSD
- IPv4 and IPv6 listeners no longer conflict

Ben Aaron Goldberg (66):
      Updated arch pkg
      Make make-docker script executable
      Fix starting-ini.scd formatting
      Add container to README
      Add gemini project page
      Add dev mode to features list
      Add Gemini page ref to README
      Add homepage link to Gemini page
      Change default MIME type to application/octet-stream
      Remove old TODO
      Better tls setup logging
      Fixed typo in docs
      Add missing error messages for TLS CGI vars
      Expose port in Dockerfile
      Add man cgi script to test_data
      Fix LICENSE and license header formatting
      docs: Add scgi-address to man page
      test_data: Add SCRIPT_NAME to test.cgi
      cgi: Add leading slashed to paths
      docs: Fix compile error in starting.ini
      deps: Update dep patch versions
      deps: Update async-rustls to 0.2
      deps: Update crossbeam-channel to 0.5
      deps: Update is_executable to 1.0
      deps: Update x509-parser to 0.9
      deps+signals: Upgrade signal_hook to 0.3 + add signal module
      cgi: Fixed CGI vars test
      config: formatting
      scgi: scgi-address for unix socket doesn't have to exist on startup
      dev: print dev server addr on startup
      tests: Disable CGITimeout test on CI
      Switched to signal-hook-async-std
      Only do prctl on Linux
      readme: Indicate root escape is fixed
      docs: add rendered man pages to repo
      Fixed lint errors
      Add msrv to readme
      scripts: allow test to accept cargo args
      deps: update dependency patch versions
      scripts test: kill scgi server when test script is killed early
      server: added lang and charset params for static files
      scripts: render both docs in render script
      docs: render docs with new lang and charset params
      server: sort directory listings
      docs: updated wording for auto-index
      tests: added directory listing test
      tests: added missing dir to git
      FIX 20: Return error if config has no routes
      docs: make requirement of routes clearer in docs
      FIX 19: IPv6 listeners no longer conflict with IPv4
      config: Fix typo in error message
      config: add bad config for testing
      logger: log date+time
      raw paths: improve path handling on non-unix platorms
      docs: say that stargazer doesn't support different content per int/port
      docs: update changelog
      tls: Add options to control cert generation
      tls: add custom route certs
      Render docs in _inc_version script
      docker: Docker image is now offically supported
      config: more reasonable default config
      Updaed changelog
      all: up msrv to 1.46
      all: Update dependencies
      deps: organize deps in Cargo.toml
      Updated changelog for new version
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