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docs: Add scgi-address to man page

The scg-address config param was previously missing from the docs.
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M doc/stargazer-ini.scd
M doc/stargazer-ini.scd => doc/stargazer-ini.scd +6 -0
@@ 162,6 162,12 @@ Within each routing section, the following keys are used to configure how
	Support" for details. *root*, *index*, and *auto-index* not allowed when
	*scgi* is on.

	The address of the SCGI server to connect to. If this is a valid file
	system path that exists, stargazer will connect to a Unix domain socket at
	that path to send requests. Otherwise the address value will be treated as a
	socket address and requests will be made over TCP.

	Maximum amount of time a CGI/SCGI process on this route is allowed to run.
	If the timeout is exceeded, stargazer will send a CGI error to the client