0.8.0 5 months ago .tar.gz browse log

poki-launcher 0.8.0

- Make ranking half life configurable

- Switch back to main line qmetaobejct-rs
- Major lib-poki-launcher overhaul
- Improve ranking algorithm so search and frecency are more balanced
- Config hot reloads

- Errors during launcher start up will actually generate an error popup and not
just panic
- Don't create config dir (config file is optional, this is not needed)
- Better handling of non-uft8 file paths
- Parse desktop files with escape codes correctly
- Parse desktop file Exec values correctly
- Improve terminal app handling

Ben Aaron Goldberg (42):
      Update changelog
      Add release binary script
      readme: fix typo
      launcher: update qmetaboject
      lib+launcher: Clean up lib api and update launcher to use it
      lib+krunner: only show needed modules
      lib: add more docs to Config
      lib: don't create config dir if it's not present
      all: error management overhaul
      lib: more error refactor
      lib: ignore doc test for internal example
      lib: switch to my file locking lib
      lib: Remove unused home dir global and add docs to DIRS
      all: big lib api updates
      lib: add missing doc comments
      lib: reorganize AppsDB methods and updates docs
      launcher: minor refactoring
      launcher: actually show initialization errors to the user
      launcher: removed commented code
      launcher: switch to new qmetaobject-rs release (0.2)
      Update CHANGELOG
      launcher: add more comments
      launcher: log scan errors as warnings
      launcher: don't repeat searches
      launcher: remove unnecessary allocation during search
      launcher: more search tracing
      lib: improve ranking algo
      lib: make half life configurable
      lib: remove app ranking debug print
      launcher: settings hot reload
      krunner: config hot reload
      lib: add config file change detection module
      launcher: use change-detect from lib for config file
      lib+launcher: file watchers can be killed
      lib+launcher: wip hot_reload revamp
      lib+expand app_paths on load
      lib: hot_reload can change app paths
      lib: rename desktop to apps in hot_reload
      lib: fix float comparison
      launcher: remove unnecessary import
      lib: remove unneeded clones of references
      all: fixed linting errors

Sashanoraa (11):
      lib: escape desktop file strings correctly
      lib: Correctly parse Exec value in desktop files
      Use temp dir for files in tests
      lib: apply clippy lints
      lib: More correctly handle terminal apps
      Update CHANGELOG
      Make half life in config in days
      lib: bump version to 0.5
      all: update deb minor version & remove now unused imports
      all: update dep major version
      all: set msrv at 1.46.0

0.7.0 1 year, 29 days ago .tar.gz browse log

poki-launcher 0.7.0

Ben Aaron Goldberg (14):
      add CHANGELOG
      updated readme
      update reamde
      contrib: add arch packages
      reamde: added krunner stuff
      reamde: added more to krunner
      launcher: signal toggles visibility
      launcher: fixed qml formatting
      launcher: hide on focus loss
      launcher: fix cpp formatting
      launcher: show items when search in empty
      all: updated dep minor versions
      lib: update config 0.11
      lib: bump version

0.6.0 1 year, 2 months ago .tar.gz browse log

poki-launcher 0.6.0

- add error popup
- add krunner support

Ben Aaron Goldberg (32):
      ui: displays error popup
      ui: error pop up not shown for scan errors if results were returned
      krunner: adds initial code
      all: update deps
      all: update deps major versions and fixes errors w new version
      notifier: update signal-hook
      scan: parse desktop files using correct parser
      launcher: removed unneeded optimization flags
      krunner: add initial code for krunner plugin
      launcher: changed Cargo.toml to block style
      krunner: rescan desktop files on changes
      krunner: removed extra deps
      krunner: add license header to main.rs
      lib: remove dep on itertools
      launcher: remove human panic
      all: update deps
      lib: switch to directories-next
      lib: update domain for ProjectDirs
      desktop_entry: fix strip_entry_args
      desktop_entry: fixed typo
      contrib: move pkg into contrib
      krunner: move supporting files into sud-directory
      krunner: Fixed dbus service names and paths
      Remove old generated code
      contrib: add version increment script
      all: update name and email in Cargo.toml's
      krunner: version should track launcher
      contrib: update both launcher and krunner versions
      ci: lock deps
      docker: update name and email
      contrib: move Dockerfile into contrib
      contrib: _incr_version should add all Cargo.toml

0.5.0 2 years ago .tar.gz browse log

poki-launcher 0.5.0

zethra (13):
      Bumped versions in package and Cargo.toml
      Switched back to soft tabs
      Removed unneeded commas
      Force focus as a param
      Settings ui feilds use 1 signal
      Added config option for font size
      Fixed typo in and imporved comment for attempt_force_focus
      Added config option for input_box_ratio
      Stop Qt from compaining out 0 size fonts
      Fixed app text alignment
      Updated rmp-serde, shellexpand, and nix
      Removed force focus
      Updaed more deps

0.4.0 2 years ago .tar.gz browse log

launcher 0.4.0

 - Configurable window size
 - Configurable UI colors

 - Database file stored in $HOME/.local/share/poki-launcher instead of
   $HOME/.config/poki-launcher. This is so the database will percist
   between reboots.
 - `app_paths` is no longer a required config option when a config file is

zethra (15):
      Bumped version number in spec file
      Added sh build file
      Bumped minor version
      Moved db file from cache dir to data dir
      Minor refactor
      Added window size to config options
      Added colors to config options
      Removed config params from readme in favor of example config
      Added more documentation to default config
      Only allow config file to be named poki-launcher.hjson
      Clean up default config param loading
      Added formatter config
      Switch to 80 character limit
      Switched formatter to tabs
      Removed completed planned featues from readme

0.3.0 2 years ago .tar.gz browse log

Bumped major version to 0.3.0

Signed-off-by: zethra <benaagoldberg@gmail.com>

0.2.0 2 years ago .tar.gz browse log

Support term apps and other refactoring

Signed-off-by: zethra <benaagoldberg@gmail.com>

0.1.1 2 years ago .tar.gz browse log

Bumped patch version

Signed-off-by: zethra <benaagoldberg@gmail.com>

0.1.0 2 years ago .tar.gz browse log

Updateded readme

Signed-off-by: zethra <benaagoldberg@gmail.com>