3.1.0 4 months ago .tar.gz browse log

license 3.1.0

- Added the FAFLO-0.2 Hippocratic-3.0-full licenses
- Added Nix support
- Remove dependency venerability

Sashanoraa (8):
      Update arch package
      Update deps and remove time 0.1 from deps
      Add license FAFLO-0.2
      Add license Hippocratic-3.0-full
      Add Nix dev env
      Add Nix flake
      _incr_version script sets flake version
      Add flake info to README

3.0.0 7 months ago .tar.gz browse log

license 3.0.0

New and improved <3

This is a re-release of my old license tool, updated for the first time
in over a year. It's functionally the same as it was before but with
some internal improvements, mainly switching from structopt to clap 4.

I privated this project a few months ago and the old history has been
deleted from personal reasons. Thx for your understanding <3