Rochester, NY


I'm Sashanoraa aka Sasha (any/all pronouns), a Techie Enby w ADHD, CompSci Master's student, and software dev. I love writing code, hacking on neat tech, good gender vibes, talking to cool people, and hating technology.


sashanoraa.gay Gemini page


My actually fun website


Generate cool neofetch like card


New dotfiles


A mirror of the crates.io website for gemini


A fast and easy to use Gemini server.


A webring like CGI script for Gemini


File locking via POSIX advisory record locks


c bindings for linicon


CLI tool to get icons on Linux and other Freedesktop systems


An application launcher for Linux


A simple tool to change the version in Cargo.toml


A library for looking up icons on Linux


Get the user's current icon theme on Linux

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