this prob doesn't work, pushing for on the way coding
update documentation
Add license
Add support for multi monitor
Add support for multiple monitors

Focus is a bit wonky at the moment, but works otherwise
Implement basis for multi monitor, as well as workspaces
Add window rotating
Code reordering
Fix focus, implements border
Little changes, includes DEBUG mode
Add implementation for `setFocusNext` and `setFocusPrev`
Fix window unmapping, Intro for focus change

This fixes window unmapping and introduces the beginnings for focus
Also seperate c-wm.h and config.h
Handle Destroy Notify

We now can handle the unmapping of windows, except there is one problem,
see FIXME in `removeWindowFromWindows()`
Also extracted the rearranging into a seperate function
Add keymappings and spawning
Implement window mapping and comments

Implemented proper window mapping, but no support for unmapping yet.
Also code cleanup and comments added.
gitignore *.o
gitignore *.o
window creation math works
added make run option and a run script
initial push