Fix subdirs for search
c612a3ef — Adrian 2 months ago
Add search, move dirtree to seperate page
ee346f2c — Adrian 3 months ago
update css, fix multipling  in url
build.sh: Rebuild whole file/folder structure

Before this change, things that weren't markdown file didn't get copied
over to the outdir, and therefore not included in the final directory
structre. With this fix, everything is handled properly, so that
non-markdown files can easily be linked, pictures included and so on.
links: more robust link handleing
links: make link conversion from markdown to html way more sensible
index: fix links to actually link to html files
build.sh: create proper directory listing
728e6a1a — Adrian 7 months ago
Change grep regex to not replace inter-document links
db287be7 — Adrian 7 months ago
Fix yaml extraction

This fixes the yaml extraction, in cases, where multiple `---`
delimiters are in the file, e.g. in tables
Merge support for toc generation from rust branch

Toc support was accidentaly added in the rust branch, merged that over
Remove container div, use :root, heading size change
markdown extraction tool
Parse yaml frontmatter
Add license
Add basepath
fix toc in subfolders not using relative path from their dir
Update readme
Local katex sources
Only build.sh required now

Moved template.html, style.css to .local/share