A small bash script to create a wiki from a folder of markdown files
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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.

Tinywiki is a simple bash script, which converts a folder into a static html wiki.

  • No external JS is downloaded or called

  • Only JS used is Katex, only if Katex math is included, and only in that file

  • Katex lives locally

  • this is in a super rough state at the moment

  • improvments will come till it is in a state where:

    • you git clone the repo
    • issue one command
    • have a static html wiki


  • File index insertion with [[index]]
  • table of contents generation using frontmatter
  • katex math (katex libs locally, so no external cdns)
  • pandoc frontmatter
  • subfolders
  • maybe some others I am forgetting
  • (beautiful) styling


  • bash (not posix yet)
  • pandoc
  • coreutils
  • shyaml (pip install shyaml)


git clone https://git.sr.ht/~zenomat/tinywiki
cd tinywiki
mkdir -p $HOME/.local/share/tinywiki
cp style.css template.html $HOME/.local/share/tinywiki
  • download katex katex.min.{js,css} to $HOME/.local/share/tinywiki


  • one index.html at the root
  • insert [[index]] to insert an index of files and/or visit $rootdir/filetree.html
  • pass path of markdown folder to build.sh
  • optionally pass basedir as second arg, if you want to deploy to a webserver
  • open <folder>/public_html/index.html
  • to generate a toc for a page, add
toc: true

to the frontmatter