A fork of TokenJar for Burpsuite, with better logging and the option where to insert the tokens
fix out of bounds bug, shoudl be able to handle body properly
fix bug, where it wont find replace value
Removed ide settings and convert tabs to spaces


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#TokenJar v2.2

Burp Suite extension. Useful for managing tokens like anti-CSRF, CSurf, Session values. Can be used to set params that require random numbers or params that are computed based on application response.

Here is just brief information. More details are on plugin GitHub page

Please report issues using GitHub Issues


Replaced NashornScriptEngine (deprecated) library with Mozilla Rhino Update other dependencies

#Requirements for usage

  • Burp Suite Free or Pro 2022.3.1+

#Requirements for building

  • JDK 16
  • Google Guava 31.1-jre
  • Google Gson 2.9.0
  • Mozilla Rhino 1.7.14