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@@ 12,6 12,18 @@ almost all modern rhythm games. With the addition of "MARVELOUS" timing in
accurate scoring in a version of the game that has famously had very strict 


- Includes all of the features from *DDR EXTREME PRO v2*.
- Adds "FAST" and "SLOW" judgment indicators that appear after every step with a
- Counts the number of early and late steps during gameplay and adds UI to the
  results screen to display this for each player.
- **BONUS** Enables infinite gameplay with Event Mode by locking each player on
  the second stage.
- Can be disabled along with the other "PRO" features in the Test menu.


@@ 64,7 76,3 @@ After this has completed successfully, you now have a patched game image that
you can add to a full disc image and burn to run on a System 573. For this, the
`mkisofs` tool is recommended on macOS/Linux, and PowerISO is recommended on

- Option to disable feature in TEST menu.