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BishiLauncher v0.1
by zanneth

This launcher patches the 2009 version of "The Bishi Bashi" so that playable DLC
is selectable in the minigame list.

For playable minigames that are available in the minigame list but hidden, the
patch will unhide these minigames.

Currently the only minigame that falls under this category is: "morse"

For playable minigames that are NOT available in the minigame list, non-playable
ones are unveiled and remapped to select a playable one instead.

The mapping is as follows:
"usagi" -> "piropiro"
"stop3" -> "popn"
"class" -> "love"


1. Copy "bishilauncher.exe" and "libbishiinject.dll" into the same directory as
the game executable.
    * Make sure the 2009 version of the game is being used. It should be called
2. When starting the game, run "bishilauncher.exe" instead of "bishi09.exe".


CMake is required in order to build the two products.

A mingw toolchain is required to build for win32.

mkdir build && cd build
cmake ..