Fix display of summary cards (display is now flex).
Fix styling in chapter page.
Minor improvements to SQLite-WASM titles.
Add post on SQLite WASM.
Stage snippets before building.
Remove racket from dev shell.
Add comment for entering dev shell in sourcehut build.
Follow symlinks when copying.
List the target directory with tree.
Use dream2nix to nixify racket dependencies.
Use `nix build` instead of `nix-build`
First cut of flake.

 - Upgrades nixos to 22.05.
 - Adds a flake.nix.
 - Attempts to run the shell as a flake devShell.
Add question aside
Rerun snippets with more compute
Rename `factorials` to `tenFactorials`
Remove the misplaced error outputted by mdoc
Correct factorial function in cats-effect-ioruntime post
Corrections to cats-effect-ioruntime post
Generate snippets for IORuntime post locally