(Abandoned) Crystal library for a makdown variant
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A Crystal implementation of Sanemark. Forked from markd, an implementation of Commonmark.

This project has since been abandoned due to my changing belief about Markdown. Markdown is just a bad format at its root, and I was misguided to try to fork it. A proper rich text format would not be a variant of Markdown. (I've also stopped hosting the Sanemark spec on my website, but you can still find it in spec/fixtures/spec.md.)

#Quick start

require "sanemark"

html = Sanemark.to_html(markdown)

# With options
options = Sanemark::Options.new(safe: true)
Sanemark.to_html(markdown, options)


Name Type Default value Description
allow_html Bool false let HTML through according to the Sanemark spec. By default, all HTML is escaped. This option also turns off sanitization of dangerous link protocols.
spoilers Bool false Enable spoilers, delimited by >! and !<. They are inline elements that have the same precedence as asterisks.
heading_ids Bool false Add id attributes to heading elements consisting of a slug of their plaintext.
time Bool false render time spent during block parsing, inline parsing, and rendering.


If you want to use a custom renderer, it can!

class CustomRenderer < Sanemark::Renderer

  def open_strong(node)

  # more methods following in render.

options = Sanemark::Options.new(time: true)
document = Sanemark::Parser.parse(markdown, options)
renderer = CustomRenderer.new(options)

html = renderer.render(document)

This should be better documented, but for now it isn't.

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