A Gemini server written in Go
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Shavit is a configurable Gemini server for UNIX operating systems. The server is in a very early state and can only serve static files but in the near future it will support dynamically generated files like a search endpoints and an Atom feed.


The server is written in Go so to build it you only need to run one command:

go build

This will produce a binary named shavit that you can run.


After you have compiled the server you need to configure it before it will run. The server expect a configuration file in /etc/shavit/config.toml that contain a path to the documents directory and the certificate files. A simple configuration file might look like this:

source = "/var/gemini/docs"
tls_certificate = "/var/gemini/server.crt"
tls_key = "/var/gemini/server.key"

With this configuration file the server will look for a certificate and key in /var/gemini and for documents in /var/gemini/docs.