contact: Minor spelling adjustment

SourceHut -> sourcehut

* contact.org:
posts: Use fill-mode
Log.hs: Add function to handle parser errors
Log.hs: Add type synomyn for [Log]

Just to make things a bit cleaner.
Log.hs: Use Text instead of String
Log.hs: Parse time

* Log.hs (parseDate): Parse the time.
Log: Parse multiple log entries

The parser is done at this point, the next step is to generate an RSS
feed from the data using the "feed" package.

* Log.hs (parseDiff):
cabal: Add split as dependency
Log: Add date parser

Parse git log dates to [<month>, <day>, <year>].

* Log.hs (prefixZero):
Minor tweaks

Remove "Source code" section in index and some spelling fixes.
yoctocell-xyz.cabal: Add dependencies for library

* yoctocell-xyz.cabal:
templates: Remove empty lines

* src/templates/default.html:
Ignore cabal directory
src: Return tuple of name and email for author

Return a tuple of name and email instead of a string.

* src/Local/Hakyll/Log.hs (parseAuthor):
Add info to README

* README.org (yoctocell.xyz):
src: Add parser for git log

Parse git log metadata, messages and diffs.

* src/Local/Hakyll/Log.hs:
default.nix: Restore pre-push hook
index.org: Update link to mailing list
src/templates: Split templates into smaller files
templates/post: Remove modified date