templates: footer: Fix typo
posts: welcome-gemini: Minor wording tweaks
templates: Update webring
app: Generate post list for gemini
posts: Add gemini version for old posts
templates: Add post list in index.gmi
posts: Rename gemini-announcement
about, contact: Add section for better formatting

Format the bespoke pages in the same was as the blog posts.
about: Add info about this site
templates: Use HTTPS in CC BY-SA 4.0 link
src: Advertise gemini site on homepage
posts: Add gemini announcement
posts: Add dir-locals
src: Add index.gmi
templates: Add gemini templates

Still WIP, index.gmi and post-list.gmi don't work yet.
app: Add support for gemini files
templates: footer: Minor spelling fixes
posts: mailserver-with-nixos: Be more specific with domain registrar
templates/webring: Update
templates/footer: Link to source code