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Add peertube-show-video-info function
1 files changed, 23 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)

M peertube.el
M peertube.el => peertube.el +23 -2
@@ 250,6 250,23 @@ Format to thousands (K) or millions (M) if necessary."
      ;; (kill-buffer (replace-regexp-in-string ".*/\\(.*$\\)" "\1" temp-file))
      (image-transform-set-scale 4))))

(defun peertube-show-video-info ()
  "Show more information about video under point."
  (let ((title (concat "Title: " (peertube-video-title (peertube--get-current-video)) "\n"))
	(channel (concat "Channel: " (peertube-video-channel (peertube--get-current-video)) "\n"))
	(date (concat "Published: " (peertube-video-date (peertube--get-current-video)) "\n"))
	(views (concat "Views: " (number-to-string (peertube-video-views (peertube--get-current-video))) "\n"))
	(duration (concat "Duration: " (number-to-string (peertube-video-duration (peertube--get-current-video))) "\n"))
	(likes (concat "Likes: " (number-to-string (peertube-video-likes (peertube--get-current-video))) "\n"))
	(dislikes (concat "Dislikes: " (number-to-string (peertube-video-dislikes (peertube--get-current-video))) "\n"))
	(description (concat "Description\n" (peertube-video-description (peertube--get-current-video)))))
    (switch-to-buffer "*peertube-info*")
    (with-current-buffer "*peertube-info*"
       (concat title channel date views duration likes dislikes description)))))

(defun peertube-change-sort-method ()
  "Change sorting method used for `peertube' and update the results buffer."

@@ 284,7 301,9 @@ Format to thousands (K) or millions (M) if necessary."
  (likes 0 :read-only t)
  (dislikes 0 :read-only t)
  (nsfw nil :read-only t)
  (thumbnailUrl "" :read-only t))
  (thumbnailUrl "" :read-only t)
  (description "" :read-only t)
  (host "" :read-only t))

(defun peertube--get-sort-method ()
  "Given a sorting method SORT, return the 'real' name of the method."

@@ 337,7 356,9 @@ parsed by `json-read'."
	       :likes (assoc-default 'likes v)
	       :dislikes (assoc-default 'dislikes v)
	       :nsfw (assoc-default 'nsfw v)
	       :thumbnailUrl (assoc-default 'thumbnailUrl v)))))
	       :thumbnailUrl (assoc-default 'thumbnailUrl v)
	       :description (assoc-default 'description v)
	       :host (assoc-default 'host (assoc-default 'channel v))))))