cdr255.el: Add cdr255:buffer-as-string.
cdr255.el: Add cdr255:get-url-contents-as-string.
cdr255.el: Add cdr255:insert-contents-of-url.


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#The project-name README

An Elisp Userlib.

Last Updated: 2023-05-18 (W20) 19:30:43 GMT


#GNU Guix

If You use GNU Guix, this package is on my channel.

Once You have it set up, You can just run:

guix pull
guix install emacs-cdr255

If You just want to try it out, You can use Guix Shell instead:

guix shell --pure --rebuild-cache -v4 emacs-cdr255 bash emacs

And if You'd rather just try it out without my channel, You can clone this repo and then do:

cd emacs-cdr255

Either of these will create a profile with just this project in it, to mess around with.


If You don't want to use GNU Guix, You can clone this repo and install it in the normal way (assuming You have an ~/.emacs.d/init.el, and that ~/.emacs.d/lisp is in Your load-path):

git clone https://git.sr.ht/~yewscion/emacs-cdr255
cd emacs-cdr255
cp -v *.el ~/.emacs.d/lisp/
cat >> ~/.emacs.d/init.el <<< (require 'cdr255)

Then, in Emacs, it's just a matter of restarting (or calling M-x package-initialize again!) and You should be good to go.

You can also just open the emacs-cdr255.el file and run M-x eval-buffer, but that only lasts for the current session.

If You don't want to use git, or would rather stick with an actual release, then see the tagged releases for some tarballs of the source.

You can also install using the standard ./configure && make && make check && make install sequence, as I use GNU Autotools for all of my projects.

The needed dependencies are tracked in the DEPENDENCIES.txt file to support this use case.


Full usage is documented in the doc/emacs-cdr255.info file. Here are only generic instructions.

You should be able to access all of its exported functions in guile by using its modules:

(use-modules (cdr255 core))

Any binaries or scripts will be available in Your $PATH. A list of these is maintained in the info file. They all also have the --help flag, so if You prefer learning that way, that is also available.


Pull Requests are welcome, as are bugfixes and extensions. Please open issues as needed. If You contribute a feature, needs to be tests and documentation.

Development is expected to be done using GNU Guix. If You have guix set up, You should be able to enter a development environment with the following:

cd emacs-cdr255
guix shell -D -f guix.scm bash --pure

If You've made changes without the above precautions, those changes will need to be confirmed to work in the above environment before merge.


The emacs-cdr255 project and all associated files are ©2022 Christopher Rodriguez, but licensed to the public at large under the terms of the:

GNU AGPL3.0+ license.

Please see the LICENSE file and the above link for more information.