Compiler development

Took 8 days to write it, sigh.
Remove mention of GNU/Linux

GNU is evil
Move RSS reader links towards the bottom of sections
html,gemini: update home pages

* In html version, make sections # instead of ##
* Remove "Follow on Mastodon" part, it looks pretty convoluted.
* Also add that I'm on OFTC too
gemini: add contact section
html: set pre-wrap for code blocks

This way they won't overflow on small screens anymore.
html: make headings semi-bold
html: put date below the title

It looks way better this way.
html: escape <pre> contents

Just noticed that it breaks OPML snippet from RSS readers article.
Flush paragraph buffer on end of file

This removes the need for an empty line at the end of each file, which
was sometimes missing in older articles.
Begin new paragraph properly
Use include instead of including the file directly
Comparing RSS feed readers
Move to Libera
Fix trailing whitespace
Rename home to index

This is more conventional as we have index.html and index.gmi
Fix lists in "Concurrency in Zig"
Style updates

* Prefer inline "if err := ...; err != nil" where possible
* Remove useless comments
* Run go fmt
Fix indentation in RSS template
html: add some margin to footer

Otherwise it comes too close to the bottom of the window which doesn't
look good.