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# `^[Rr]ex$`
Rex is a command line playground for regular expressions similar to
playground section on [ihateregex.io][ihateregex].
playground section on [ihateregex.io].


[ihateregex]: https://ihateregex.io/playground/
[ihateregex.io]: https://ihateregex.io/playground/

# Installation

@@ 14,8 14,8 @@ Dependencies:
With the repository checked out:

make install
$ make
# make install

This will install everything into `/usr/local` by default so you might

@@ 23,7 23,7 @@ need root access to do this. Alternatively you can install into a
different directory by setting `PREFIX`. For example:

make install PREFIX="$HOME/.local"
$ make install PREFIX="$HOME/.local"

will instal `rex` into `~/.local/bin`.

@@ 49,9 49,9 @@ the application and prints input regex to standard output unless
`--print-regex=0` flag is specified.

List can be scrolled using Vi keys: `j` - down, `k` - up. Input field
supports readline-like bindings: [reference][inputfield].
supports readline-like bindings: [reference].

[inputfield]: https://godocs.io/github.com/rivo/tview#InputField
[reference]: https://godocs.io/github.com/rivo/tview#InputField

Flags/options reference:
- `--input REGEX` (`-i REGEX`) - set default value for regex field (`.` if not set)

@@ 62,16 62,16 @@ Flags/options reference:
To turn off boolean flags, you can assign them to a value of zero after an equal
sign: `-p=0` or `--print-regex=false`.

The following values can be accepted by boolean flags: 1, 0, t, f, true, false,
TRUE, FALSE, True, False.
The following values can be accepted by boolean flags: `1`, `0`, `t`, `f`,
`true`, `false`, `TRUE`, `FALSE`, `True`, `False`.

# Contributing
Send patches using [git send-email][gitsendemail] to my
[public inbox][public-inbox] with project prefix set to `rex`:
Send patches using [git send-email] to my [public inbox] with project
prefix set to `rex`:

git config format.subjectPrefix 'PATCH rex'
$ git config format.subjectPrefix "PATCH rex"

[gitsendemail]: https://git-send-email.io
[public-inbox]: https://lists.sr.ht/~yerinalexey/public-inbox
[git send-email]: https://git-send-email.io
[public inbox]: https://lists.sr.ht/~yerinalexey/public-inbox