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This is my fork of pcrond with some small improvements and fixes to make it actually work.


Userspace cron daemon

A daemon similar to the standard cron daemon, however it is designed to run in userspace, not as root. Jobs scheduling use exactly the same formalism of crond.

Written in Python.

Some of the code was taken from schedule project. This project is not interested in the "human stuff" of the original project.


$ ./setup.py install --prefix=~/.local

This assumes that ~/.local/bin is in the PATH which is quite common


$ pcrond -c path/to/my/crontab/file

It is also possible to use this library within your Python program, however this is not the intended use. For example:

from pcrond import Scheduler

scheduler = Scheduler()
scheduler.add_job("30 4 * * 0", my_python_func) # runs every sunday at 4:30