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# miniplug
Minimalistic plugin manager for ZSH
# Miniplug
Minimalistic plugin manager for ZSH.

# Features
It was developed as a drop-in replacement for [zplug](https://github.com/zplug/zplug) and [Antigen](https://github.com/zsh-users/antigen). They both have serious problems and are not maintained anymore.
The suggested [Antibody](https://github.com/getantibody/antibody) is just weird, why would we need a native language like Go to write a plugin manager for the shell?

## Features
- No crashes or double plugin loading when re-sourcing `.zshrc`
- Unlike [Antigen](https://github.com/zsh-users/antigen), Miniplug does not pollute your `$PATH`
- Only bare minimum for managing plugins

# Requirements
## Requirements
- Git
- `awk` (`gawk`)