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@@ 14,10 14,9 @@ Minimalistic plugin manager for ZSH
# Installation
To install Miniplug you need to download [`miniplug.zsh`](./miniplug.zsh) file and source it in your `.zshrc`:
curl \
  -sL --create-dirs \
  https://raw.githubusercontent.com/YerinAlexey/miniplug/master/miniplug.zsh \
  -o $HOME/.miniplug/miniplug.zsh

# Add to zshrc:

@@ 32,7 31,7 @@ utility. Define plugins using `miniplug plugin <URL>`. Or define a theme using
> `<URL>` can be URL to Git repo or Github's `user/repo`

After plugins are defined, you can download them using `miniplug install` and
source them using `miniplug load` (should be added to `.zshrc`). 
source them using `miniplug load` (should be added to `.zshrc`).

## Example `.zshrc`: