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Simple self-hosted service for sharing text snippets


  • Totally anonymous, not even IP is logged
  • Dark theme by default
  • JavaScript-free
  • Easy to deploy (not really but much easier than paste.sr.ht)


Two basic requirements are Go compiler (unless you grab built binaries) and PostgreSQL database running.


Copy config.example.toml to config.toml (or whatever you want) and edit to your liking. All fields are required.


git clone https://git.sr.ht/~yerinalexey/gobin
cd gobin

go build


DATABASE_URI=postgres://.. ./gobin-migrate up

DATABASE_URI is the same as databaseUri in config.toml.

If something goes wrong, you can apply migrations manually by running up.sql files in subdirectories of ./migrations.




./gobin -config /etc/whatever.toml    # if you have a config file in different place

It's also a good idea to run gobin binary as a system service.