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My configuration files.

#Dependencies (for later installs)

  • Base: sway, elogind, curl, jq, bemenu, libnotify (provides notify-send), coreutils, POSIX sh
  • Default applications: neovim, imv, mpv, zathura, qutebrowser, alacritty, mako
  • Music: mpd, mpDris2 (AUR), ncmpcpp, playerctl
  • Status bar: Waybar on cf5db8f
  • Scripts:
    • Screenshots: grim, slurp, imagemagick - for color picker, swappy (AUR) - for quick edits
    • Password manager: pass, fd
    • Mail syncing: mbsync (AUR), pcrond (my fork that at least works)
    • Volume control: pulseaudio, wob with #57 applied (optional)
    • Downloading music: youtube-dl, opustags (AUR)
  • Theming:
    • GTK theme: nordic-theme-git (AUR)
    • Icon theme: papirus-icon-theme
  • Misc requirements:
    • Some scripts (and Vim) make use of fzf so it's better to have it installed


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