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My configuration files.

#Dependencies (for later installs)


  • For scripts: coreutils, POSIX shell
  • Window manager: river + elogind
  • Network stuff: curl, jq
  • Application launcher/generic menu: bemenu
  • Notifications: notify-send (provided by libnotify)

#Default applications

  • Status bar: waybar
  • Terminal: foot
  • Notification daemon: fnott (git version)
  • Text editor: vis (git version)
  • Image viewer: imv
  • Video player: mpv
  • PDF viewer: zathura + zathura-pdf-mupdf
  • Web browser: qutebrowser
  • Gemini browser: amfora


  • Music player: mpv --shuffle (see scripts/mpvm) + mpv-mpris
  • Control from scripts: playerctl


  • Screenshots: grim, slurp, imagemagick for color picker, swappy for quick edits
  • Password manager: pass
  • Mail syncing: mbsync, my fork of pcrond: ~yerinalexey/pcrond
  • Volume control: pulseaudio, wob with #57 applied. Up to 2b64a30, later commits seem to break.
  • Downloading music: youtube-dl, opustags
  • Fuzzy edit script: fd


  • GTK theme: Nordic
  • Icon theme: Papirus


MIT, learn more