scripts,river: update bemenu prompt
Update README: neovim -> vis
scripts/emoji-menu: move emojis.txt to ~/.cache
scripts: refactor submit-paste
foot: term=xterm-256color
qb: switch to DDG
zsh/profile: remove MANPAGER=nvim

It's slow.
scripts/mpvm: remove inf

It gets recognised as a file
qb: add diode.zone to allow_js
zsh: add gdb -q alias
scripts/mpvm: loop playlist
scripts/pass-menu: @ -> \@ just in case
scripts/dl-music: strip off title after [NCS Release
river: update floating movements
river: add bindings for floating windows
Switch EDITOR to vis
scripts/xdg-open: style
scripts/xdg-open: use pass --no-terminal to mpv
scripts/xdg-open: no mpv's flags to $VIDEO
foot: increase emoji size