scripts/xdg-open: fix terminal command for foot
scripts/xdg-open: quote mimetype
scripts(*): style updates
scripts: add missing quoting
scripts(rel): don't use undefined $inc variable
scripts(rel): style
scripts(sync-mail): use find to drill down inbox

It's generally preferred over ls and now it feels less like a hack.
scripts: use read -r to stop interpreting "\"
scripts: fix bash- and coreutils-isms

Thanks to shellcheck
scripts(submit-paste): fix shellcheck warnings
Use ~/.config instead of .files/

idk, that looks better
river: add a "scratchpad"
zsh: remove irssi
Remove rg from nvim/fzf
river: add volume bar with wob
rel: make unknown type error more descriptive
Remove dependency on waybar commit

I've removed mpd module from there anyway, so the bug doesn't apply.
qb: use libnotify for notifications (in v2.2.0)
qb: update notification rules