ref: 8577e9749fa7fe80273e2b41122b441e994500e3 dotfiles/zsh d---------
zsh: remove irssi
Set devlog location to ~/todo
zsh: use ^J and ^K to cycle history
zsh(p10k): use $ as prompt character
zsh: update ls aliases
zsh: disable autosuggestions for now

What I recently noticed is that I didn't want to type out full commands
and just using suggestions. And that might be really bad when a
command in history is not what you expected, like sending clipboard to
pastebin and you wanted to clear it or something (wl-copy '' vs
wl-paste | ...).

Also would prevent quite frequent git troubles like
`git commit -a --amend` instead of `git commit -a`.
Move Zig documentation offline
scripts: refactor

Home my desktop doesn't break
zsh(p10k): do not shorten as much
zsh: bring back "c" alias

Removing it was a mistake, I keep using it
zsh: remove lf
zsh: make ^L clear scrollback
zsh: aliases cleanup
zsh: fix incremental search
zsh: use tabs
zsh: update prompt
zsh(profile): fix CARGO_HOME
Use nvim to read man pages
zsh: clean up profile