ref: 33b9bc6d6ebecad159ba7812ffb913a503fca8de dotfiles/qutebrowser d---------
qb: use libnotify for notifications (in v2.2.0)
qb: update notification rules
qb: bind C-j/C-k in command mode
qb: use content.notifications.enabled

Following master branch is a pain...
Move Zig documentation offline
qb: huge clean-up
qb: add matrix.slashdev.space
qb: add rust stuff for search
qb: fixup editor for foot
qb: update search and quickmarks
qb: fix awful dark theme hack
qb: refactor config
qb: fosstodon part 2
qb: fosstodon go brr
qb: add godocs.io to search engines
qb: add codeberg.org to allow_js
qb: add wordsmith.social to allow_js
qb: s/enter-mode/mode-enter
44e1cf2b — Alexey Yerin 9 months ago
qb: use {url:pretty}