vis: rewrite lexers
vis: remove bold font for functions
vis: add long-awaited quick import
vis: :cc command -> ,c mapping
scripts/vis-complete: increase menu size
scripts/jimport: cache results for faster lookups
java: s/abstract final/abstract/

This is rejected by the compiler and doesn't make any sense in general.
git: difftastic
scripts: add jnew and jimport

Tired of Java
git: remove commit alias

It doesn't work anyway
foot: disable primary paste
Improve menu setup for vis-complte and vis-open
Rewrite wob configuration
{digraph,emoji}-menu: use wtype
vis: add python ftdetect, drop expandtab for c++
himitsu-menu: less hacks
ash: python -> python -q
yambar: update config to work on 1.9.0
Add himitsu-menu
Rebind digraph and emoji selectors