waybar/clock: use proper ISO 8601 format

scripts/xdg-open: handle gemini links
qb: remove gp binding

Ctrl+p already works
waybar: ISO 8601 formatting
waybar: update date/time format
vim: add traces.vim
zsh: opt out of GOPROXY
qb: updates to search engines

* Remove Rust standard library
* Rename docsrs to docs.rs
* Use proper URL for godocs.io
dl-music: "defer" the clean-up with trap
qb: remove unused styles
qb: update homepage
vim: disable ignorecase

Sometimes it gets really annoying to search like that, especially in Go.
dl-music: default to $(wl-paste) on no argument
qb: update quickmarks
river: updates to layout
State fd as dependency of ce script
style: prefer to use "" where possible

The exceptions are sed/awk/jq/etc scripts.
scripts/weather: quote $date and $last_modified
scripts/xdg-open: fix terminal command for foot
scripts/xdg-open: quote mimetype
scripts(*): style updates