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The web cookbook that doesn't suck.

#Publishing your recipe

Send a git patch with your recipe and if it's (not bloated) fine I'll merge it. Every recipe is kept in its one folder under the content/recipes/ directory. The name of the directory should be the approx date you submit your recipe followed by the name/slug of the recipe.

For more information read http://saucesource.cc/about/

Take a look at the content/recipes/ directory for examples of recipes and how to format them.

#Building the site

This website uses https://github.com/getzola/zola to generate the html files from the templates and markdown. To build the site run:

zola build

To launch a lightweight http server for development purposes run:

zola serve -p 8080


  • Finish Russian and Spanish translations
  • Maybe add some kind of search functionality on the backend
  • Maybe add some way to categorize recipes


By contributing recipes to this project you agree to submit them under the CC-BY-SA 3.0 license. Any contributions related to the functioning of the site (stylesheets, templates) are licensed under the AGPLv3 license. For more information read the LICENSE file.