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* Added information on how to build site.
* Updated to-do
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Take a look at the `content/recipes/` directory for examples of recipes and how
to format them.

## Building the site

This website uses [https://github.com/getzola/zola](Zola) to generate the html
files from the templates and markdown. To build the site run:

zola build

To launch a lightweight http server for development purposes run:

zola serve -p 8080


* Add dark pallet using prefers-color-scheme
* Finish Russian and Spanish translations
* Maybe add some kind of search functionality on the backend
* Maybe add some way to categorize recipes

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@@ 213,7 213,6 @@ provided a donation link in their recipe.
This is just a short kind of to-do list for the short-term:
	<li>Add dark pallet using prefers-color-scheme</li>
	<li>Finish Russian and Spanish translations</li>
	<li>Maybe add some kind of search functionality on the backend</li>
	<li>Maybe add some way to categorize recipes</li>