Bump version to 1.4.2
README.org: Add link to the EmacsConf2023 talk
Bump version to 1.4.1
Fix `memory-info' trying to retrieve remote system data over TRAMP

* emacs-gc-stats.el (emacs-gc-stats-setting-vars):
(emacs-gc-stats-summary-vars): Force using computer running Emacs when
retrieving memory data.
* README.org (Version 1.4.1 (not yet released)): Document.

Reported-by: Adam Sj√łgren <asjo@koldfront.dk>
Compress `emacs-gc-stats-file' on save

* emacs-gc-stats.el (emacs-gc-stats--compress):
(emacs-gc-stats--uncompress): New functions to compress/uncompress the
(emacs-gc-stats--get-repvious-session-data): Uncompress compressed
`emacs-gc-stats-file', if possible.
(emacs-gc-stats-save-session): Compress on save.
Bump version to 1.3

* README.org (Usage): Add new customizations to usage instructions.
Document the reminder functionality.
(Security considerations): Document potential security considerations
and how to control what is being logged.  Update the list of logged
(Version 1.3): Document changes.
Add reminder to share data after `emacs-gc-stats-remind' days

* emacs-gc-stats.el (emacs-gc-stats-remind): New custom variable to
enable reminder about sharing the recorded data.
(emacs-gc-stats--get-repvious-session-data): Factor out getting saved
data into internal function.
(emacs-gc-stats-save-session): Use the new internal function.
(emacs-gc-stats--remind-maybe): New function displaying reminder.
(emacs-gc-stats-mode): Use the new reminder function.
New customization: emacs-gc-stats-inhibit-command-name-logging

* emacs-gc-stats.el (emacs-gc-stats-inhibit-command-name-logging): New
custom variable.
(emacs-gc-stats--collect): Avoid logging command names when the new
variable is set.
* emacs-gc-stats.el (emacs-gc-stats--idle-tic): Improve docstring
* emacs-gc-stats.el (emacs-gc-clear): Fix warning
emacs-gc-stats-save-session: Fix call to `called-interactively-p'
Make recorded data customizeable

* emacs-gc-stats.el (emacs-gc-stats-inhibit-command-name-logging):
(emacs-gc-stats-command-vars): New custom variables (renamed from
internal variables).
(emacs-gc-stats--collect-init-end): Use the new variables.
emacs-gc-stats-gc-defaults: Add more details to the docstring
Bump version to 1.2.3
fixup! emacs-gc-stats-save-session: Query and open mailto: link
Bump version to 1.2.2
emacs-gc-stats-save-session: Query and open mailto: link

* emacs-gc-stats.el (emacs-gc-stats-save-session): Prompt to send
email and open mailto:emacs-gc-stats@gnu.org link.
README: Clarify what is being collected