d1a756019140ab84fa2efe68dcc89df317f27a9d — Adam Blažek 2 months ago 95666d3
Fixed test naming
1 files changed, 1 insertions(+), 1 deletions(-)

M tests/test_documents.nim
M tests/test_documents.nim => tests/test_documents.nim +1 -1
@@ 230,7 230,7 @@ suite "\"List manipulation\" commands":
    "[join [space]; [for-each lang; HTML LaTeX Gemtext; xidoc compiles to [lang].]]"
    .shouldRenderAs("xidoc compiles to HTML. xidoc compiles to LaTeX. xidoc compiles to Gemtext.")

suite "\"List manipulation\" commands":
suite "\"Programming\" commands":

  test "[janet-call]":
    "[janet-call [raw (fn [radius] (describe (* 2 math/pi (scan-number radius))))]; 6]"