Plzeň, Czechia


Student of the Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering


My notes from university lectures and exercises (in Czech)


Tree-sitter module for Neovim that makes else statements display the condition under which they occur




Neovim plugin for adding standerd library imports


A compact notation for math that transpiles to LaTeX


A consistent and powerful markup language


A pragmatic high-contrast dark colorscheme for Neovim based on the Colar color palette


My config for Awesome WM


A stupid mathematical game about guessing integrals


A little endless runner game about decreasing contrast


A high-level Nim wrapper of QuickJS


A reimplementation of the PIXtamp game in Nim and Raylib


More syntactic sugar for Nim


Utilities to make writing C++ slightly less painful


Tree-sitter implementation for Nim

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