Plzeň, Czechia


Student of the Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering


A game about guessing the control points of cubic curves and surfaces


Official Neovim plugin for xidoc


My notes from university lectures and exercises (in Czech)


My Neovim configuration


Neovim plugin for looking up and inserting Unicode and Nerd Fonts characters by name




Tree-sitter module for Neovim that makes else statements display the condition under which they occur


A pragmatic high-contrast dark colorscheme for Neovim based on the Colar color palette


Neovim plugin that rethinks the concept of automatically pairing delimiters


A compact notation for math that transpiles to LaTeX


A consistent and powerful markup language


Vim-Inspired Editor of Rasters ­– a minimalist keyboard-oriented pixel art editor


Neovim plugin for adding standerd library imports


My config for Awesome WM


A stupid mathematical game about guessing integrals

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