A curses-based drawing program
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This is a drawing program that I wrote for my niece, Nora. It captures some of the fun and simplicity that computers had when I was a kid. You make drawings with eight colors and a handful of ASCII characters.

noradraw logo


  • draw by moving the cursor (arrow keys)
  • change colors (0-7, c)
  • pick up and put down the pen (p)
  • change the pen tip (most special characters, plus some letters)
  • erase your last change (e)
  • save your drawing (s)
  • load a drawing you saved previously (l)
  • replay a drawing the way that it was drawn (r)
  • start a new drawing (n)
  • get help (h, ?)
  • quit (q)
  • drop into a Python debugger (F3)

No need to memorize these keys. Just play around! A helpful Owl will tutor you as you discover new functions.


noradraw is a one file program. Clone the repository to noradraw, then:

python3 noradraw/noradraw.py

Make sure you run it from a curses-supported terminal, of course!