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      <h2>this is the personal site of wuz, a bit warlock</h2>
        wuz is a software engineer interested in the intersection of art,
        technology and community, his real name is <a href="/about">conlin</a>,
        technology and community, he works at <a href="https://figurehr.com">Figure</a>,
        <a href="https://grimoire.garden"
          >his notes are a lot of random bits and bytes loosely organized into a
          graph (you can find a copy of his personal notes at

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        recently he's been thinking about
        <a href="https://serialfork.com">the world of makerspaces</a>,
        <a href="https://indyhackers.org">the tech community in Indiana</a>, and
        <a href="https://serialfork.com">the world of makerspaces</a> and
        <a href="https://indyhackers.org">the tech community in Indiana</a>