Simple utility to convert links in any file to permanent links via
Begin process of cannibalizing original project.
fixed output bug caused by indentation
make command-line program work on regular markdown file containing links


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plr is a command-line utility that can help prevent link rot by automatically archiving links to the Internet Archive. It works on markdown or plain text.


TODO: AUR package, double check the following commands:

$ virtualenv -p /usr/bin/python venv
$ source venv/bin/activate
$ pip install -r requirements.txt


$plr -if -of

plr's file arguments are optional; it defaults to standard input and output.

TODO: to return just a list of links, add the command-line flag -list


Link rot is real, it is common, and it is pervasive. What is link rot? Link rot is essentially the process by which hyperlinks cease to function, usually because the web page or server they point to has moved or has become permanently unavailable. It has existed since the internet began. An example of its influence can be seen as recently as 2000, when a study found that within 24 months, 50% of .com domains and 20% of .gov domains were no longer viable. [1] Another study found that 70% of links in Harvard Law Review and 50% of links within the United States Supreme Court opinions are no longer viable. [2] If we are to take the internet as a primary resource seriously, then we seriously need to think about undertaking a better way of long-term preservation of link contents.

This is a fork of schollz/prevent-link-rot. Full credit for the original library and logic should go to schollz. This fork cannibalizes the project with a KISS attitude. The goal is to create a small but useful command-line utility and an accompanying library that can be integrated into other projects.


  • return a list of links instead of the full markdown contents with the -list command-line flag

  • add the archive links commented out to the markdown content so the admin can un-comment as needed

  • automatically ignore links that don't work (like nytimes) or provide alternative methods for them

  • allow domain whitelists (so you aren't archiving links to your own website automatically)

  • Detect relative links and fill in the original address to be able to convert (need a command-line option for the baseurl)