[Archived January 2020] TOPP Faunal Analysis Tool
Fix error in OT1 dataset import
Add ToXLSXSheet method for multi-database output



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Archived Project

This was an exploration into GUI development with gotk3 and data manipulation with Excelize.

Although unfinished, the code is in a working state and comes preloaded with a few faunal assemblages from digs in Olduvai Gorge. There are unresolved crashes related to exporting multiple times in a single run of the program.


The idea was to automate an extremely common task for archaeological research: comparing the value of a variable across multiple datasets, with optional grouping by strata. This specific experiment fell short of our original vision for a general-purpose tool, but I gained valuable experience and am moving towards more general-purpose methods and tools.


Linux: go get -u and go run main.go. Building the gotk3 libraries for the first time is very slow.

Windows: use the latest installer from the releases page.