Update readme with project status
Updated styling on default website to match wrycode.com
Fix incorrect ordering on agregate pages and implement the media folder.

Due to some silliness with the "merge-pathnames" function, I
temporarily changed the behaviour of how betterssg copies the media
folder. Also, the list of subpages on an agregate pages is now ordered
by alphabetical order (which orders by date if you use the yyyy-mm-dd
format), instead of relying on the ordering of your files in
Remove outdated instructions for downloading binary.

After migrating away from Github, I no longer have a built-in way to
provide binary releases. However, I this should be fine as I work my
way towards version 1.0; then I will begin to offer packaging for
remove fasl files and make small changes to Installation guide
Updated documentation and made preparations for v0.4.0 release

I rewrote the README to follow the "description, installation, usage,
misc" convention. It is hopefully more useful. Also, all documentation
(except for very specific/obscure details in config.lisp) is in the
README. I linked the README to show up as the homepage of the
generated "default" website. I simplified config.lisp to only include
options that are implemented for the v0.4.0 release (and commented
them out in betterssg.lisp).
updated out-of-date instructions on the default homepage
fix bug relating to SBCL's handling of errors during runtime

The cl-markdown library I'm currently using does not, by default,
ouput to a string, instead writing only to streams or files. This
commit fixes the grammar of the "with-output-to-string" command that I
had to wrap the markdown operation in.
add a runtime configuration file (currently at "config.lisp") that works with the executable

I implemented the methods apply-config and
set-variables. set-variables takes keyword arguments (or no arguments)
and sets up the variables used by other functions such as
build-site. Apply-config pulls the options from the config file and
uses them as the argument to set-variables. To make changes apply
every time betterssg is run, I implemented a main function, which
first runs apply-config and then build-site.
add "build" and "finalbuild" scripts for compiling into an executable.

"build" and "finalbuild" compile the system using SBCL and ECL,
respectively. Both use the same "script" feature of their respective
implementation to load the system and then asdf:make it. ECL binary is
MUCH smaller but I'm holding on to SBCL for its (more) useful errors
and better SLIME integration. Also, a goal was to keep the code
portable across implementations and OS's, and this helps me test the
add and consolidate some todos in the readme
create a working ASDF system definition and build script

Added betterssg.asd which defines the system with the file
betterssg.lisp, some metadata, the entry-point betterssg:build-site,
dependancies (which must be already installed, and Quicklisp is the
easiest way) and the configuration to build the binary at ./betterssg

"betterssg.asd" should be portable across implementations and
platforms. The build script "build.sh" currently uses SBCL but it's just a simple
shell script that I should be able to modify easily to use CCL or ECL
for a smaller binary.

The package definition for "betterssg" is also added in the file
clarify sentence in readme and fix formatting of python shell command in readme
Add a full README.md with basic instructions and description of the project
add some default layout files
add content for a default website with two example pages
add the MIT license to the project
fix todo formatting to display better on github
add README.org file with project intro and todo list