Added final commit before archiving
Move old code to a graveyard.

I'm starting a code graveyard for the project, in case someone wants
to resurrect functionality (like the ability to show the url for a
specific DWC term).
Remove unnecessary "column" struct.

 I moved the "values" []string in "column" to just be stored directly
 as the value in the data map in "database". Also refactored the code
 that uses it.
Add todos to README
Add Windows build scripts.

winbuild.sh compiles the executable for Windows (using Go's built-in
tools) and then creates an installer for Windows using NSIS, and the
install.nsi script.

The installer includes an uninstaller, of course, and it will
automatically replace older versions of DWCHelper.
Update README with accurate Windows info.
Polish renameHelper a little bit
Finish renameHelper draft
Refactor some aliases boneheadedness.

Using a more sane method for determining matches between terms and
DWCTerms; moved some helper code to lib.go; added function
pullAliases; finished working dummy renameHelper.
Fix line endings on Windows.
Add testdata file

This is the CSV file I've been working with. I'm uploading it so I can
test on a Windows machine.
Finish RemoveHelper!
Add Prompt function
added printStringSlice()
add inputNumber and corresponding tests.

One of the building blocks for the interactive helper functions.
Add Rename function
Finish removeTerm, Remove and TestRemove
Begin writing unit tests.

Since hard research may rest on this project, we'll need to take
testing seriously. I began by starting a rudementary lib_test.go file
which will help me learn Go's testing style before I tackle the main
file; it's unfortunate that I didn't start with TDD at the beginning,
but DWCHelper.go is pretty functional and modular so writing tests
shouldn't be too difficult.