Trail web user addresses with forward slashes, save the server a step!
Convene links to subdomains (currently WLYBSMWAI), handy up near top of SHO homepage.
Trick licence(s) included in pages from COPYING into hyperlinked publication.
Conjoin the v(ersion) & the number in the title of the BookWyrm licence page.
Urge linking to bookwyrm licence towards maybe shakily working.
Name snailhuddle's BookWyrm site in COPYING info, including U.R.I.
Merge branch 'copying_bookwyrm'
Adhere words "source" and "code" together in webfooter, align nav bit differently.
Trim probably-redundant links from webfooter (the homepage itself could sport them).
Propose additional footer links.
Nudge another snail over, to be nearerby pals with the first.
Nudge a footer snail to the left to balance text in ascii banner.
Aim the webfooter links at directories so they seem more elegant.
Reorient footer links relative to pages/boilerplate then.
Distribute relative links to wwwsite's main pages and stylesheet via footer.
Recap COPYING info regarding snailhuddle's BookWyrm instance.
Luxuriate in a directory for diverse future COPYING notices.
Merge branch 'softbreak'
Slip invisible break-markers into homepage title for neat wrapping on narrow screens.
Haphazardly decorate base of web homepage with ascii art.