misc: Apply numerous minor changes

Mostly fixes typos, stylistic elements that were bothering me, adds some
small aliases.
shell: Add git aliases generating script
nvim: Make file-specific tab and linewrap rules explicit
nvim: Review and port plugins from old setup
Exit git-choose-config immediately if no .git
Remove shellrc auto-tmux execution

Whether tmux is executed or not is now determined by argument to the
terminal emulator in the desktop environment. This gives nicer semantics
as now a bare shell can be easily executed for small operations, and we
have more control over attaching or starting a new session.
Rename git user config script
Improve fc -s hack

Vastly improve function with the superpower of hindsight and man pages.
Add a little readme

Now dottie's on the internet, we've gotta make sure she's presentable.
Include symlink for .profile
Add most everything else!
Add initial .local/bin scripts
Add shell (dash) config