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# Build

Clone the repository from your preferred location (Primary: [sourcehut](https://git.sr.ht/~wombelix/jDeepL) / 
Mirror: [codeberg](https://codeberg.org/wombelix/jDeepL), [gitlab](https://gitlab.com/wombelix/jDeepL), [github](https://github.com/wombelix/jDeepL)).

To build the code, ensure you have a SDK in version 11 installed, 
you can use the package manager of your Linux Distribution or try [sdkman](https://sdkman.io).

You also need [Apache Maven](https://maven.apache.org/install.html), either use the manual installation method, 
your package manager or the version shipped with your IDE.

The Project is pre-configured to compile a fat jar file by running `mvn compile package`. 
This command will create the file `shade/jDeepL.jar`, to launch `jDeepL` run `java -jar shade/jDeepL.jar`.

You can for sure also copy the `.jar` file to any other location you prefer and run it from there.

# Contribution

The primary location of the Source Code is: https://git.sr.ht/~wombelix/jDeepL

@@ 48,7 64,7 @@ Please don't hesitate to provide Feedback, open an Issue or create an Pull / Mer

Just pick the workflow or platform you prefer and are most comfortable with.

Feedback, Bug Reports or Patches via [eMail](https://dominik.wombacher.cc/pages/contact.html) are also always welcome.
Feedback, Bug Reports or Patches via [Email](https://dominik.wombacher.cc/pages/contact.html) are also always welcome.

# License